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Is there a market for electric road vehicles in China?
Published: 2021-01-14 15:52

Most electric-assisted models are in compliance with EU regulations, and the power will be cut off at 25km/h (32km/h in North America, but the main market for electric power is still Europe); China’s new national standard also requires the weight of the vehicle to be less than 55kg , The maximum speed is less than 25km/h, the motor power is less than 400w, and the pedal riding function is required. Therefore, the electric assist model will cut off the assist when it exceeds 25km/h, which means you can only enjoy the fun of electric assist within 25km/h.

For electric-assisted mountain bikes, you can take advantage of the high torque characteristics of the motor to challenge some technical skills that you could not ride in the past, which is quite a sense of accomplishment. And you can use the motor to assist in the climbing section to fully enjoy the fun of downhill. Electric power-assisted city vehicles can take advantage of its versatility to make commuting more convenient.

Is there a market for electric road vehicles in China?

When you think that the electric-assisted road bike can easily cruise at 40, the reality is that you can only feel the assistance of the motor when climbing. After all, the road bike has more than 25 feet on both feet. On flat roads, it will be better than Standard road cars are more tiring. In climbing, although the motor assistance will make you very easy, and you can easily pull the fellow riders, but there is not much sense of accomplishment, after all, know that it is not your own strength. Naturally, you will not compare your own stage results with the KOM bigwigs on STRAVA. Who will not go to see the stage ranking after climbing?

When going downhill, road bikes do not have suspension system assistance like electric-assisted full suspension mountain bikes to enjoy the fun of downhill. Electric-assisted road bikes are much heavier than standard road bikes of the same model, and cannot provide the sharp handling and brake burden. Therefore, the downhill riding experience is not as good as traditional road bikes.

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