Current position:
UNITEK, a company specializing in drivetrain technology, is located in Su zhou, China. With more than 12 years' experience in E-bike industry and very strong engineering background,
our team is sensitive to market trends and dare to actively innovate the products. We focus on creating reliable, high-quality drivetrain to power different kinds of E- vehicles, provide whole package solutions from R&D, Manufacturing and Service. We aim to offer you satisfied product and an enjoyable riding
Our Philosophy
Know customers better, quality standard higher
Our Mission is to provide a more enjoyable riding experience and be your reliable partner

Our Team
Technical team
Innovative R&D strength, Leading industry experience
Business team
Efficient and timely response project solution support
Production team
Scientific time management, strict quality control

Our quality
  • Service Process

    UNITEK adheres to the European standardization process in the R&D, production and after-sales process, quality first, and pays attention to the needs and experience of customers and users

  • Production Process

    Our production process complies with the ISO9001 certification standard and is guided by the high European international standards. Our goal is to optimize products and processes through continuous innovation and experience accumulation, so that we can provide you with higher quality products

  • Testing Process

    In terms of safety, functionality and durability, our products go through a strict inspection and testing process before they can reach the client to ensure that customers receive satisfactory products

  • After-sales Process

    Our after-sales service and continuous product optimization ensure that customers continue to be guaranteed. Customer's questions will get the fastest response. Our production capacity, strict quality control, and good communication services are recognized by customers in meeting customer expectations and providing timely support.

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